Bow Hunters Rejoice

Rocke Fournet Thursday, October 5, 2017 Comments Off on Bow Hunters Rejoice
Bow Hunters Rejoice

Man, did that feel good? An early season cool front just blew through, signaling a welcomed change of season. Temperatures dropped into the 50s, with a north wind that dropped the humidity to the bearable zone.

William Flores with his first deer

The winds have now switched to the south for the grand opening of the hunting seasons. Teal season kicks it off early, along with bow season for select areas. Don’t forget to bring a sweat towel and plenty of bug repellant.

There are reportedly enough birds down for a respectable hunt, and they’re definitely worth rolling out of bed for. The limit has been raised to six birds now, so happy hunting.

Local die-hard archers are in the starting blocks and ready to shoot at something besides the bullseye on a target. There’s nothing like getting in close and personal with a whitetail deer. They are super-intelligent animals who usually don’t give you a second chance. Bow hunting will make you pay very close attention to detail or go home empty handed.

To pull off a shot in close quarters under 40 yards is quite a daunting task. At that distance, everything has to be right. The wind is the crucial factor, and if it is not favorable, the deer will let you know quickly. The nose knows, and the deer’s vision runs a close second. Archers must pay close attention to their surroundings and camouflage accordingly.

Those who have put in practice time will be glad they did when the moment of truth arrives. There’s a fine line between an accurate fatal shot and a near miss and no blood trail. Take out the doubt, and sling some arrows until you are confidant with your shot group.

Elise Leblanc with a fighting machine known locally as a redfish

Local waterways continue to recede and get back to normal after Hurricane Harvey saturated Louisiana. It didn’t take long for the resilient redfish population to return to its normal voracious appetite. Reports have been hot and heavy concerning the local redfish bite.

Dad Mike and daughter Elise LeBlanc didn’t have to travel far to find some redfish ready to rumble. Calcasieu Lake was the spot. Elise wore them out on a recent trip. Her red of the day was 32 inches, 11 pounds, 4 ounces, and a fighting machine. Dad was loving it!

Dustin Farris and crew made a road trip southeast to the Chandeleur Islands for some non-stop drag-peeling redfish fun.

Dustin kept a 35-inch bronze beauty with four distinct black spots with golden haloes as a memento of a most memorable trip.

Check out 14-year-old William Flores with his first deer. This is a day this young hunter and his dad, Mark, will always cherish. They had to blood trail the buck for quite a distance before finding it, making the experience all the more rewarding. Happy hunting!

Hang in there local sportsmen; we are over the hump. It’s been a long, hot summer, but relief is on the way.

This is a great time of year for local sports fans. The weather is about to change for the good in the way of cooler temps and less humidity. Hunting seasons have kicked off, and football is in the air. Now we are having fun!

Go McNeese!

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