Buck Of A Lifetime

Rocke Fournet Thursday, September 21, 2017 Comments Off on Buck Of A Lifetime
Buck Of A Lifetime

Hurricane Harvey just pushed through, leaving many folks seeking shelter from the storm. Our corner of the world narrowly missed the brunt of this historic monster. We dodged a bullet.

Record rainfalls deluged everything in its path, displacing families to higher ground. Some areas suffered through more than 20 inches in a 24-hour period.

Events like Brother Harvey will make you appreciate what you have. The simple comforts some take for granted suddenly take on a whole new perspective.

Lake Charles is providing a soft place for refugees from the storm to land. Donations for supplies, including cash for spending, have been generous. Southwest Louisiana is simply returning the favor. We know exactly how it feels to be a refugee of a hurricane.

The Cajun Navy armada showed up in force and contributed to the evacuation of trapped people who will be forever grateful. It is the Cajun way, and all who contributed made us proud.

Hopefully, those responsible for recovery efforts will have learned valuable lessons from previous storms. It is a monumental task, but we have been there before and survived to live the good life.

Other than hurricane season, it’s a great time of year for local sports fans. Football season is mercifully here to help ease the pain. Football rules in these parts, and it’s time to tee it up. Pick a team and climb aboard the bandwagon. Support your favorites in appreciation for all their hard work and sacrifices.

Hunting seasons are right around the corner, and an early cool front would be greatly appreciated. There’s nothing like that first front to get you rolled out of bed early. Practice your shooting skills now, so you have no excuse if you miss.

Just for a brief relief from the seriousness of hurricanes, here’s a true story about a great Louisiana buck taken last year:

It was prime time — in the month of January last year. A major cold front had pushed through, and the north wind was howling. It was the last day of muzzleloader season, so Stephen Saucier and hunting compadre, Dustin Fuselier, were obligated to hunt.

Stephen put his nose into the icy wind and headed through the palmettos to his stand. It was just breaking day when he abruptly stopped. He caught a slight movement and focused on a tremendous buck not 20 yards away.

The high wind masked his presence as Stephen fumbled with removing his scope cover. He settled his crosshairs and squeezed off a round. The buck jumped and vanished in the palmettos. It was high-anxiety time.

With no blood trail, Stephen and Dustin wisely decided to make a hunt and return later. But, en route to his stand, Dustin walked up on this tremendous Louisiana buck. The deer had run about 80 yards and piled up.

Dustin wasn’t prepared for this world-class 11-point buck that gross scored 164 inches. You could not wipe the smiles off these dedicated hunters. It is a lifetime accomplishment to score a buck like this in the Bayou State.

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