The Joy Of The Trophy Bass

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The Joy Of The Trophy Bass

What a great fishing trip! The following is a true story:

Jacques Benoit with his Lacassine hawg.

It had been a sizzling hot day, with the fishers having very little to show for their efforts. Jacques Benoit and his fishing pod R.J. Bellon were on their last legs after suffering through brutal heat coupled with bass with a severe case of lockjaw. Try as they might, a couple of small fish was all they could muster.

R.J. had one more sweet spot they could hit on the way in. His honey hole had produced some big fish in the past, so it was worth a shot. He passed a favorite soft-plastic bait to Jacques, who tied it on en route. They coasted in and R.J. relinquished the first cast honors to his esteemed fishing bud.

Jacques ceremoniously made a proclamation before casting, literally calling for a monster bass. He reared back, and let fly with a record long cast. When the bait hit the lily pads, all hell broke loose.

A giant bass in skinny water is a sight to behold, and this fish put on a show. Both anglers got big-eyed when the fish broke water and they got a look at its size. This was no choupique!

Jacques played him down and held his breath. After several power runs, the Lacassine hawg was lipped by none other than good old R.J. He had tried to net the fish in a too small a net. When Jacques screamed, he put a no-nonsense vise grip on the bass’ lower lip.

It was time for high fives and all the joy that comes with a trophy bass.

The marsh hawg weighed in at 10 pounds, 4 ounces, and Jacques is eternally grateful for having a dedicated fishing friend like R.J. The beauty of a trip like this is that it is never over until it is over. It only takes one cast to turn a fishing adventure around. Always remember to announce your last cast and also call the hawg of the day. Fishing is a great team sport.

Hunter Ardoin with his big bass taken near black bayou.

Check out 13-year-old Hunter Ardoin with his big bass of the day. Hunter is visiting his Louisiana grandparents from his home state of South Carolina. He had an exciting bass fishing excursion, scoring a healthy hawg Louisiana style.

Hunter was chunking and winding a chartreuse spinner bait near Black Bayou. He couldn’t wait to send a picture of his best bass to his dad, who’s a proud Marine deployed overseas. This will no doubt put a big smile on his face. Semper Fi, and thank you for your service to our country.

Football teams are reporting for camp, and mercifully, the season will kick off sooner rather than later. Folks in this football-crazed part of the country are ready and waiting to hook it up. The players and coaches sacrifice blood, sweat and tears, so show them some love. Support your favorite teams and respect them for their sacrifices.

Archery season for whitetail deer opens soon, so it’s prime time to limber up the old bow and sharpen your shooting skills. You’ll be grateful you did when the moment of truth arrives in the form of a sleek whitetail deer.

Happy hunting and fishing too! Go McNeese!

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