Bust A Sweat

Rocke Fournet Thursday, August 3, 2017 Comments Off on Bust A Sweat

As we round the corner into the dog days of August, the tropical heat Louisiana is known for is beginning to cook. Triple digit heat can hurt you, so be sure to pick your cool spots and hydrate before heading out. Early and late temperatures are at least bearable, and fishing by the light of the moon is a definite possibility.

Gary Kohler’s marsh hawg.

Bill King loves his marsh fishing. He and Gary Kohler had passed a good time recently, but the bass just hadn’t cooperated. Both anglers were down to the last cast, before motoring off to cooler confines.

Sometimes the difference between a scratch trip and a most memorable fishing experience is perseverance. It only takes one cast.

Gary slowed his retrieve as a “Jaws” type wake closed the distance. A monster toilet flush strike was followed by a solid hook set, and this fight was on go. Gary kept the bass’ head up, and manhandled the giant through a tangle of lily pads and grass.

Bill was on point and lipped the fish with one smooth motion. The giant marsh hawg weighed in at 9 pounds, 4 ounces. It saved their day. This trip quickly transformed from a tough, hot day to one neither angler will ever forget. This is what makes fishing such a great sport. With the clock running down, Gary hit the shot!

It’s that time of year on Toledo Bend. The white perch bite is on, and chances are if you can locate them, they are usually stacked up.

Charles Maddox and first mate Lulu were all over the crappie on a recent fun trip. Making it even mo’ better was that their 11-year-old grandson, Corey, was along for the action.

The shiner bite was on and the action was steady. This crappie team scored 73 beautiful slabs that will look awful good in a skillet of hot grease. Corey likes them crispy, and Charles cooks them just right.

Corey and his grandparents scored 73 beautiful slabs.

With the summer heat, it’s common at this time for a dead zone to develop along the Gulf beaches. This year’s zone is historically much larger and more severe than ever. The low-oxygen water can develop bacteria, and is not at all safe for human beings to come in contact with. The current dead zone encompasses the entire length of Louisiana’s Gulf Coast. Proceed with caution if you’re beach-bound in the near future.

One advantage of the heat and humidity is you can break a real sweat with minimal effort. There’s nothing better than a workout that gets you breathing hard and sweating out the poison in a matter of minutes. In this sauna-like weather, you can work up quite a lather with a quickie workout. If you like to sweat, you’re in the right part of the world. Break out and bust a sweat. You will feel much better after it’s over. Don’t overdo it. If you get light-headed, call it a day and find some shade!

Stay cool and back the McNeese Cowboys!

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