Cher Bébé

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Cher Bébé

Like Grandma used to say — “Cher bébé!” This was right before she squeezed your fat face firmly with both hands. This week’s feature photo is of another sweet “bébé” named Emery that elicits much the same reaction.  She’s a four-year-old beauty and an up-and-coming student at Saint Margaret’s kindergarten.

Emery’s first fish.

She’s the sweetheart daughter of Laura and granddau ghter of John Stacy. He responds to Pops.

It’s always a cherished moment when you land your first fish, and Emery was delighted. This will be the first of many she can enjoy in her lifetime. She’s a natural, coming from a long line of Stacy fishermen. She took to it like a Labrador puppy to water.

John and bro Gus were beaming as their little offspring landed her first bass.

After all the excitement, Emery told Pops she really loved to fish and she would like to go again, soon. Cher Bébé! Gus teared up and had to excuse himself.

Duck season is finis, so don’t worry about setting the alarm clock. Sleep in and dream about the really outstanding days in the duck blind.

Matt Byrley with a nice haul of geese and ducks.

Jeff Byrley (sport) and his son Kyle (guide) hooked up for some most memorable hunts this year. Hunting in a freshwater marsh, the Byrley boys passed a good time. Believe it or not, Jeff isn’t as nimble as he once was, and checks in as a solid contender in the heavyweight division. Kyle caters to the old man as pay back for many hunts when he was but a youngster.

Duck hunting success rates are pretty much hit or miss nowadays, much like the weather. But there are enough good days to keep them coming back for more. Jeff was up before the alarm clock, and raring to go.

This is quality blind time, and if they shoot a few ducks, that’s lagniappe. Once the guide gets his sport situated, this Louisiana-style hunt is on.

Jeff can still shoot, and Kyle naturally gives him first shot out of respect for his elder.

It’s also a wrap for deer season, with several monster bucks taken, as the rut was on late. Daniel Jones scored a muy grande buck near Catarina, Texas. Hunting in mesquite low-brush country, Daniel put the hammer down on a great 162-inch buck with an impressive 20-inch inside spread.

Gaige Moore’s lunker bass.

Gaige Moore didn’t have to travel far from home to catch a lunker bass. A farm pond nearby produced a fine 4-pound bass that made the trip worthwhile. Nobody’s keeping score, but that puts the youngster one up on his dad.

It’s basketball season, so get out and back your favorite teams. There are plenty of quality teams practiced and ready to perform for you. All you have to do is pick a favorite and show up! These teams work hard and deserve some bodies in the stands to cheer them on.

Area sportsmen are gearing up for spring fishing, and it should be a good season. Don’t ever be caught wishing you were fishing!

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