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Show Time

It is 2017 and a great time to be living large in Louisiana. If you’re an outdoor sportsman, you’ve landed in the right place. Pick your poison and go for it with gusto. Whether hunting or fishing floats your boat, we have the best of both worlds to choose from.

Seth Sebille didn’t have to venture far to score a greenhead mallard worth mounting. He was hunting not far from home in Bell City when a fat greenhead responded to his call. This bird was special, with a band on its leg with information on its life history. We will forward vital statistics and pertinent information in a future edition of Lagniappe.

Jamie Lacock with her 31-inch redfish, held by son Adam.

We’re in the middle of deer season, with some real winter weather approaching. Mike Smith and son Cole packed it up and headed west to Texas in search of antlers.

Cole, a sophomore at Barbe High School, pulled the trigger on an eight-point buck that made the old man smile. The Smith family has been good for McNeese football, with Mike and No. 1 son Callen both suiting up in the blue and gold. At six feet, four inches, and a sophomore, Cole would look awfully good in a Cowboy helmet. Just saying!

There’s nothing like a little payback. Like most good sons, Adam Lacock owes a lot to his mom, Jamie. She’s always been there for him, pulling and pushing him to succeed, whether in athletics or academics. After a stellar career in both, and a coveted degree from Notre Dame, Adam is a proud papa of two fine youngsters who always keep things lively.

Adam was the captain, and the Lacock crew was well-tended, with Jamie in full charge of the little ones. They motored out near the LNG plant and this trip was on.

It was a fine day to be on the water surrounded by family. The boys got their lines stretched, and that put a smile on Adam’s face. The kicker was when Jamie set the hook on a fighting 31-inch redfish that signaled its intentions by peeling drag. Mom hung in there, and eventually wore the red of the day down and into the net. There were high fives all around, and the Lacock boys were all smiling.

Charlie Logan and his nine-point Alabama buck.

Mark Charlie Logan down for scoring his first buck. The seventh grader, who attends school in hometown Lacassine, managed to make harvesting a buck look rather easy.

He was on his first hunt ever in Cromer, Ala., and it was just getting light enough to see. A healthy nine-point Alabama buck showed up right on cue, and it was show time.

Charlie stayed cool and steady with a sweet shot to the vitals, and a new deer hunter was born.

Scott Cloud and wife Tobey were hunkered down near Fall City, Texas.  A big drop-tine buck approached, and Tobey readied herself as the buck closed the distance.

Scott was on point when her rifle cracked the silence.  It was a stone cold accurate shot and the buck did not travel far.

This 12-point buck with a cool drop tine measured over 170 inches, and took over as the No. 1 buck on Tobey’s hit list.

Have a happy and prosperous New Year!

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