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Some Of Them Want To Use You

Da Eurythmics had a song on de ’80s titled “Sweet Dreams.” In it wuz de lyrics “Some of them want to use you. Some of them want to get used by you. Some of them want to abuse you. And Some of them want to be abused.”

Well Bobby Jindal haz certainly used de people uf de state uf Louisiana in a way dat haz not been seen since de days uf Huey Long. He used Long -like tactics during de legislative session like threatening legislators by promising to pull projects back home if day didn’t vote hiz way. He also promised retaliation for dem what are running for re-election in de fall.

Meantime jus’ hours afta de session wuz over dar wuz Jindal announcin’ hiz decision to run for president an’ statin’ all he had done to prevent tax increases durin’ hiz eight years az governor. What a dog and pony show if we ever saw one.

He hit bidnesses hard wit’ new taxes. He hit individuals hard wit’ increases in driver’s licenses fees an’ he hit higher education hard by once again increasin’ fees an’ tuition. But still he had de nerve to stand dar at hiz announcement to say dat he had not raised taxes.

Call it a fee, call it revenue neutral — call it whatever you want … it’s still a tax.

Now Jindal iz travelin’ de country spendin’ mos’ uf hiz time in Iowa an’ New Hampshire where de first  presidential primaries are gonna be helt.  Pollin’ shows him not doin’ very well. He’s not even in the Top 10 among de announced Republicans. Two percent jus’ ain’t gonna cut it.

Meanwhile he continues to tell folks how great a job he did in Louisiana. An’ meanwhile de poor folks uf de state have been used and abused by him. Huey did de same ting when he told folks how great a job he had done. Again used and abused. An’ wit Vitter leadin’ in de polls for de fall election for governor we are just facin’ more use and abuse.

Anudder Great Job By Our Legislators

Dis legislative session proved to be very difficult for our Southwest Louisiana legislative delegation.  Now mos’ uf dem had enough seniority to fight back against Jindal an’ hiz floor leaders. House Speaker Chuck Kleckley showed hiz strength on mo dan one occasion.

State Sens. Blade Morrish and Ronnie Johns used dar political strength on several committees to do what was best for our area.

All in all our legislative delegation protected their turf and used political power where necessary to do what wuz best for our area. So when you see one of dem be shore to tank them for de great job they did.

By de way Kleckley sez he doesn’t plan on runnin’ for a statewide office in de fall. He sez he will just spend mo time wit’ hiz family. Well we know all too well dat once a politician haz dat political bug it’s hard for him to stay outta politics. State politicians know day have a good race horse in Kleckley an we tink they will try to get him in.  In any case we say tank your for your service Chuck.

It’s Startin’ To Happen

De U.S. Dept. uf Labor Statistics had some good news for our area recently. De workforce in our area increased by 7.8 percent from April uf 2014 to April 2015. George Swift, president uf de Southwest Louisiana  Economic Alliance sez dat 7.8 percent represents 7,400 new jobs in our area.

An’ Swift sed wit’ what haz been announced for de future de outlook for dis growth to continue looks good.

Now folks dis growth ain’t jus in Westlake; it’s all over Southwest Louisiana. Everywhere you look dar are new bidness construction sites goin up: restaurants; car washes — you name it. An dar will be mo uf it in de very near  future.

Thanks to George, our legislative team an’ all dat have helped make dis growth possible.

Cameron Parish Looking Good

Afta hurricane Rita many wondered if it wuz a good idea to rebuild Cameron Parish. Wit’ so many homes an’ bidnesses destroyed an’ so many folks movin’ out it wuz a good question to ax.

Now de question iz when will Cameron Parish stop growing.

Claire Hebert is de director uf economic development for Cameron Parish. She spoke to de West Cal Chamber uf Commerce recently and outlined eight tings you should know about Cameron Parish. Here day are:

1. Dar iz $35 billion in announced projects in Cameron Parish. Southern California Telephone and Energy accounts fo $9.3 billion uf it. Venture Global iz down for $4.2 billion, G2 LNG haz announced a $7 billion project. Deflin LNG will construct de first floating LNG export 50 miles south uf Johnson Bayou in 2019. Notice folks dat’s BILLIONS uf dollars. Used to be de whole state wouldn’t get but $2 or $3 billion a year.

2. Cameron Parish is de fourth largest producer uf shrimp in de US.

3. Dar are six alligators for every human in Cameron Parish.

4. Last year mo dan 140,000 bird watchers visited Cameron Parish.

5. Dar are 26 miles uf beach in Cameron Parish.

6. Cameron Parish makes up de largest portion uf de Creole Nature Trail which drew 240,000 visitors last year.

7. De Fur and Wildlife Festival  iz held de second weekend in January. It is de oldest and coldest festival in our state.

So az you can see Cameron Parish iz far from dead. In fact we know de hard work uf  lots uf folks will mean continued growth for de parish dat in wuz considered dead in 2005.

Tournaments Comin’ Back To SWLA

State high school tournaments in softball, baseball and boys basketball will be comin’ back to our area for de next two years. Principals voted recently on de two-year bids presented by our convention bureau and udders.

Hammond did get girls basketball. But we figure dat will be returnin’ to our area afta two years. De boys basketball will again be played at de Burton Complex. Fast Pitch 56 softball will again be held at Fracsh Park in Sulphur. Boys baseball will be played at de first class McMurry baseball fields.

Now folks we have mentioned before just how much money dem tournaments draw to our area. And we applaud de staff at de Southwest Louisiana Convention and Visitors Bureau for workin’ so hard to make de pitches needed to get dem school principals to vote for Lake Charles.

Improvements At Chennault

Jus recently KPLC reported  dat  Chennault wuz gonna be gettin’ a grant uf $7 million. Now Randy Robb who iz de executive director out at Chennault sed de money will be used to widen a second runway from 75 to 150 feet. Robb sed dis will assure dat customers will have an additional runway in case sometin’ happens to de one dat can handle planes now.

Now folks Chennault haz some bigtime commercial users like Million Air dat use de landin’ strips every day.  Dis finished runway will provide an alternative for dese commercial operations  assuring dem dat every day will be able to fly out uf an’ land in Lake Charles.

Now a lot uf dem big company executives fly in and fly out on company planes an’  Chennault iz dar chosen airport. We know dis improvement which should be finished sometime next year will help our area continue to grow.

Mark Your Calendar

Az if you don’t know McNeese will be kickin’ off de 2015 season by headin’ to Baton Rouge to play de LSU Tigers. Las’ time de Cowboys went to de Red Stick city dar wuz a huge amount uf folks dat headed east for de game. From all indications de gold and blue crowd from McNeese will be even larger dis time.

Me an’ T Claude went. I had a good time. T Claude sez he doesn’t remember anyting past Breaux Bridge.

So folks remember to start wearin’ your gold an’ blue every Friday to show folks in dis area an’ everywhere jus’ how much you support our McNeese Cowboys.

Deep Taughts While Fishin’ For Sac A Lait

10) Iz dar a mo beautiful site dan de sun risin’ in de Atchafalaya basin?

9) Will de McNeese football team shine dis year an’ will folks go to de home games?

8) Why does Suddenlink always put you on hold and play dat terrible music?

7) What are folks doin’ until football season starts?

6) Why does T Claude tell his neighbor dat my lawn mover dat he borrowed from me iz hiz?

5) Why do critters keep eatin’ everyting in my garden?

4) Why does Max stay on my case about losin’ weight?

3) Are any udder legislators in our area gonna have opposition?

2) Why does my golf game keep getting mo worser every year?

1) Why am I always losin’ my remote in my couch?

Final Shot

My fran Lefty went to de Red White an Blue celebration dat wuz helt at de Civic Center. As is usually de case, Lefty had too much giggle juice and wanted to sing de national anthem wit’ de band. Well dat wuzn’t gonna happen an’ he wuz told so. Afta de third encounter wit’ de director de men in blue arrived and hauled him away. He kept tellin’ de cops he jus wanted to show hiz patriotism. You gotta wonder how he showed hiz patriotism in de tank.

‘Til next time, lache pas la patate.