Pierre Sez Thursday, July 2, 2015 0

But At What Price???

Eighty years ago, Huey Long was governor uf our state, an’ he used hiz political — some say gangster — style to strongarm legislators into votin’ for his bills.

Eighty years later, we saw members uf da Jindal gang use de same tactics Huey once used — threatenin’ legislators wit’ loss uf projects back home an’ even threatenin’ to oppose some in dar bids for reelection.

Well, it worked. Jindal got what he wanted in de way uf no tax increase — so to speak — wit’ what can only be described az “voodoo economics.”

De final days uf de Legislature iz usually a dog an’ pony show, but dis time de show wuz better dan de circus. One feller showed up dressed az Thomas Jefferson an’ demanded we sell Louisiana back to France. Others showed up az Sesame Street characters, handin’ out cookies to de legislators on de floor.

But what wuzn’t a joke to many legislators wuz Jindal strong-armin’ dem on dar projects back home an’ organizin’ campaigns against dem. Dat, my franz, is true Huey Long politics.

But rest assured Bobby Jindal iz no Huey Long. Huey Long would have never even thought about cuttin’ higher education an’ health care. He would, however, have threatened legislators de way Jindal an’ hiz goons did durin’ de final days.

Now Jindal, just hours after de session ended, posted on hiz website dat he had eight years uf no tax increases … blah blah blah. But how can he even be serious about runnin’ for president when every poll shows him listed in de “other” group?

Duplicate Services

Me an’ my stockbroker fran Max got into a discussion (actually, we have arguments) about duplicate services in both state an’ federal gubment. I mentioned one uf de best examples wuz colleges an’ universities in our state offerin’ de same classes wit’ only 7 or 8 students in dem jus’ 60 miles apart. Did you know Louisiana haz mo colleges an’ universities dan Florida?

I argued dat duplicatin’ classes trewout de state meant wastin’ tax dollars. How to fix it?

Do like Louisiana-Monroe haz done wit’ pre-pharmacy. Make certain schools specialize in certain fields. McNeese could be de top school in agriculture, plant processing and education. ULL could be de top computer science school.

An’ afta you’ve decided which school should teach what, trow dem all de money day need to be de best. Some schools could even be shut down. Watch dat one go trew de Legislature.

Max sed hiz example uf duplication uf services is de care uf veterans. Lately, we have herd a whole lot about buildin’ a V.A. hospital here. Now, we have all heard how poor de services at dem V.A. hospitals actually iz. Max sez veterans would be much better off at local hospitals wit’ care provided by some uf de best specialists in de country at Memorial, St. Pat’s, Lake Area Medical and West Cal Cam. He sez we wouldn’t have de cost uf buildin’ a hospital; staffin’; an’ de risk uf shoddy service to our much-deservin’ veterans.

Folks, it’s dis kinda tinkin’ dat needs to take place for a variety uf duplicate gubment programs in our state an’ country. New agencies an’ new programs an’ new spendin’ ain’t always de answer. We even have competition between Sowela an’ McNeese to get an’ keep students enrolled at dar schools. Process technology iz taught at McNeese; yet we see new buildins an’ recruitment-type advertisin’ for students to enroll in process technology at dem new buildings at Sowela. Again, dar are state dollars being’ trown at competin’ programs or duplicatin’ services.

Let’s Make It Happen

A meeting with Mayor Randy, de Downtown Development group, an’ architect Steven Ourbre recently regardin’ de ol’ Harrah’s property renewed interest dat sometin’ will finally be done. Ourbre made a 1-hour presentation uf what could happen wit’ de ol’ casino site.

An’ when all wuz sed an’ done, Mayor Randy sed now iz de time, and we agree.

De economy for all Southwest Louisiana iz much mo better dan it wuz in 2007, an’ we know dat if it iz to happen, now iz de time.

Meantime, me, I tink we should have de ol’ parkin’ garage torn down. It really iz an eyesore an’ can serve no useful purpose in gettin’ a master plan put into motion.

Lets Make It De Official Start

De big election, az some call it, isn’t ‘til Oct. 24. Now, some call it dat because everyone from governor on down to dog catcher runs in dat one.

An’ if dar’s a runoff, it’s gonna be on Nov. 21.

De campaignin’ usually starts wit’ a buncha candidates in July 4 parades an’ attendin’ celebrations trewout out de state.

Now, one election dat will have a lot mo attention dan it’s ever had iz de race for BESE Boad. Las’ time, Jindal put a lot uf money on some hand-picked Republicans an’ got mos’ uf dem elected, givin’ him control uf de boad. (An’ day sed Earl Long wuz slick.) Az a result, in our district, longtime BESE Boad member Dale Bayard uf Sulphur wuz beat by Holly Boffy uf Lafayette. Considerin’ de fact dat dar will be no Jindal money dis time, an’ also de Common Core issue, Boffy may be in for a real fight to get re-elected.

Some local races are startin’ to shape up too.

We Are Proud Uf You, Chuck

State Rep. an’ House Speaker Chuck Kleckley pounded hiz gavel for de last time az de Legislature adjourned recently. He is de first speaker ever from dis area. An’ he’s done dis area proud.

Because uf term limits, Chuck will step down az state representative from de south side uf Lake Charles. We tank him for hiz years uf service an’ all he haz done to bring home de bacon.

Now he’s sayin’ he will not be runnin’ for anything in de upcomin’ election. But you know how dem political folks are. Once you got it in your blood, it’s hard to stay on de sideline.

Thank you, Chuck, for makin’ our area proud.

Two Outstandin’ Players

It’s long been known dat dis area uf de state iz rich in baseball an’ softball talent. Two high school players accented dat fact recently by bein’ named de best in de state.

Sulphur High pitcher Kale Breaux wuz named outstandin’ baseball player in Louisiana. He wuz 9-1 wit’ an ERA uf 0.74. Breaux had 125 strikeouts and only 14 walks. Breaux wuz pretty good wit de stick too … hittin’ .372 wit 20 RBIs. He will be attendin’ Mississippi State in de fall, an’ he will no doubt continue to have success on de mound dar.

Meanwhile, Sam Houston Lady Bronco Tanner Wright wuz named outstandin’ softball player in de state. She had a record uf 25-2 an’ pitched five no-hitters on her way to leadin’ de Lady Broncos to yet anudder state championship. Congrats to both uf dese pitchers dat have made Southwest Louisiana proud.

More Man Camp Letters

We notice dat every Sunday in de American Press dar are two or three letters to de editor, wit’ folks usually against man camps in dar area. Now we have to admit some uf de sites dat have been selected ain’t exactly ideal for child and motorist safety. However, we also know dat de camps have to be built somewhere.

We would advise dem folks dat want to build dem camps to do a little mo studyin’ befo comin’ to de public wit’ requests for approval uf dar camp sites.

Now, no one iz opposed to growth in our area. But what homeowners iz opposed to is camps right near dem an’ what it will do to de value uf dar homes an’ de safety issues dat come wit’ puttin’ 5,000 additional people in a particular location. Yes, progress iz comin’, but all we ax iz dat dem man camp folks use dar heads an’ consider de safety uf folks in de area before day pick a site an’ try to get it trew de gubment bodies.

Deep Taughts While Watchin’ De Weather

10) When iz dem weather folks gonna learn how to pronounce Bossier City?

9) Ain’t de settin’ for de College World Series in Omaha great?

8) Iz de Astros gonna get out uf dar funk soon an’ start winnin’ again?

7) Why does a proposal for a hotel next to a school in Sulphur pass,

yet in Lake Charles it gets de ax?

6) Why can’t dem ol’ men at KD’s give me some good news tips once in a while?

5) How can I repay Ziggy for gettin’ me four tickets to an LSU game?

4) Ain’t it great dat Lake Charles is mentioned a bunch on ESPN ‘cause uf

players from LSU and ULL?

3) Iz everybody gettin’ dar gold an’ blue ready for anudder great season

uf McNeese football?

2) What can be done to get Astros baseball on Suddenlink?

1) Why did T-Claude give me one uf dem multi-angle screwdrivers for my

birthday an’ den borrow it de next day?

Final Shot

Lefty went to sign up on de David Vitter campaign. He had had a few bubblies before, an’ axed de lady if he would have to wear a diaper. He wuz told day would call him when day needed him. Dat Lefty … he jus’ doesn’t know when to keep quiet.

‘Til next time, lache pas la patate.